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Common Tree Root Problems

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Common Tree Root problem services by Baker Tree Services in Thurmont MD

A tree’s root system serves as its foundation. If there are problems with the roots, the entire tree will suffer. However, it can be very challenging to identify health issues that are buried beneath the soil. Knowing how to identify common tree root problems early on can help you keep your landscape in great condition. Here, the ISA-certified arborists at Baker Tree Services explain exactly what you need to know to spot and treat unhealthy tree roots.

What Do Healthy Tree Root Collars Look Like?

Healthy root collars bear a distinctive flare at the tree’s base, which resembles a child’s sketch of a landscape. The tree trunk will appear to seamlessly enter the soil if the root collar is particularly small or nonexistent. In some cases, limited visibility of the collar could be a sign of girdled roots, which occurs when the root wraps around the trunk and squeezes tightly.

Signs of Root Collar Disorders

It’s important to routinely inspect your trees for signs of health issues, and that includes the roots. While you can’t exactly dig up the roots to look at them, there are a few signs of root collar problems to keep an eye out for:

Look for these signals of root collar problems:

  • Dying leaves in the upper canopy
  • Premature leaf drop or color change
  • Yellowing foliage
  • Abnormalities on the bark
  • Soil mounding or depressions
  • Visible roots crossing or circling

How Does Root Collar Remediation Work?

Rectifying root collar problems demands expertise. Buried roots can suffocate trees, inviting infestations by wood-boring insects and hindering sap circulation. Professional root collar treatment, as offered by specialists like those at Baker Tree Services, is the best way to improve your landscape’s health.

Addressing these concerns involves meticulous inspection by seasoned arborists. Their assessment of roots and soil conditions guides tailored remedies. Techniques like air spading to aerate compacted soil without harm and vertical mulching stand as effective interventions in preserving tree health.

Root Collar Care With Baker Tree Services

Suspect your tree’s root system is in trouble? Dealing with other tree-related concerns? The experts at Baker Tree Services are here to help. Since 2003, our ISA-certified arborists have helped home and business owners throughout Western Maryland maintain the health and vitality of their trees. With our advanced tools and training, you can count on us to quickly identify and treat any problem with your tree roots.

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