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Plant and disease control services by Baker Tree Services in Thurmont MD

Pests and diseases can pose severe threats to your tree’s health. Regular inspections, early detection, and treatment are vital in managing the risks caused by pests and diseases. These issues can spread if left unchecked, causing irreparable damage and eventually leading to the trees’ death.

Our team of I.S.A. certified arborists at Baker Tree Services specializes in preventing and treating tree pests and diseases. They are experts in identifying tree issues and will collaborate with you to create a treatment plan to preserve your trees. When necessary, they will also assist in tree removal.

Common Western Maryland Tree Pests and Diseases

Early detection and treatment of pests or diseases in your trees is essential to preserve their health. These are a few of the most common diseases and pests currently plaguing Western Maryland trees:

  • Sudden Oak Death: The devastating impact of Sudden Oak Death on Western Maryland forests claims thousands of oak trees annually. It is crucial to take preventive measures to stop the spread of Sudden Oak Death before it kills your trees.
  • Tussock (Gypsy) Moths: The Tussock moths are one of the most invasive species in Western Maryland. Although they do not directly damage trees, their nests will stress trees, leaving them vulnerable to damage from other pests and diseases.
  • Pine Pitch Canker: Pine Pitch Canker is a fungal disease that quickly spreads between trees through boring insects such as bark beetles. Infected trees exhibit sunken trunk cankers that secrete yellowish resin.
  • Bark Beetles: These tiny beetles burrow into trees and produce a fungus that disrupts the tree’s circulation, often quickly killing the tree. Additionally, they can spread diseases like pine pitch canker between trees. While a healthy tree can fend off these pests, a weakened tree, often due to drought or other environmental stressors, becomes vulnerable to bark beetles.
  • Deer: Deer eat new growth on trees and plants, stunting their growth and possibly killing them. Prevent these large pests from damaging your plants by using netting or erecting tall fencing around your trees and plants.

Signs of Tree Pests and Disease

Regularly inspecting your trees for signs of pests or disease will help keep your trees healthy. Some common signs that your tree is struggling with pests or diseases include:


  • Yellowing or falling leaves or needles
  • Spotted leaves
  • Silk-like webs on branches
  • Sunken cankers
  • Holes where beetles have bored into the tree
  • Blotches or blemishes on the tree

Tree Pest and Disease Control FAQs

Many pests and diseases will rapidly spread to surrounding trees or plants if not treated quickly. Treating or removing infected trees will help prevent the spread. Inspecting surrounding trees for overall health and signs of pests or disease is important to ensure they are also not infected.

If your trees are experiencing stress, are damaged, or are not receiving adequate nutrition, they can struggle to combat diseases or pests. The key to effective pest and disease management is maintaining tree health by providing adequate sunlight, water, and fertilizer and ensuring proper healing after damage.

Pests like bark beetles and diseases such as Sudden Oak Death are known to kill trees in Western Maryland. Adopting proactive prevention measures and quickly addressing pests or disease issues are vital in preserving your trees’ health, ensuring they are thriving and will stand for many years to come.

Baker Tree Services Pest and Disease Management Services

If your trees are struggling with pests or diseases, trust the experts at Baker Tree Services as your ally in tree care and management. Our certified arborists utilize proven, effective methods to combat infestations and halt disease spread. From bugs to fungi and everything in between, our specialist will ensure your landscape is healthy and thriving.

To learn more about our pest and disease management services and receive a free quote, contact the tree experts at Baker Tree Services today!

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