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Fertilization services by Baker Tree Services in Thurmont MD

Fertilizers provide plants with the essential elements they need for robust growth and development. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and a spectrum of micronutrients act as the building blocks for healthy foliage and strong roots. Whether it’s enhancing the color of ornamental flowers or protecting your trees from disease, professional fertilization is a key part of taking care of your landscape.

Do My Plants Need Fertilizer?

A fertilization treatment can keep your landscape healthy, strong, and resistant to pests or diseases. Knowing when your plants might need this extra boost can make a huge difference in how they look and how well they grow in your garden. If you notice these signs, your yard may need some fertilizer:

  • Discoloration
  • Slow growth
  • Lack of growth
  • Small leaves
  • Premature leaf fall


What Does Professional Soil Fertilization Include?

Before applying a fertilizer treatment, our ISA-certified arborists will examine your soil quality with a Lamotte Electronic Soil Lab. That test will show us what your soil’s pH is and indicate which macro or micronutrients are lacking. From there, our experts will create a custom fertilization plan, including selecting the best formula for your needs.

To ensure you get the best results possible, we also use a deep-root fertilization system that introduces Mycorrhizal Fungi into your landscape. This beneficial fungus is a great alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers because it establishes a symbiotic relationship with tree roots. Over time, it will increase your plants’ abilities to absorb more nutrients, keeping them stronger and healthier for longer.

Fertilization FAQs

It’s best to apply fertilizer in late spring or early fall. In late spring, your plants are coming out of dormancy and can benefit from the extra nutrients in the soil. Similarly, your plants are preparing for cold winter weather in the fall, so giving them an extra boost before they go dormant can help them survive very cold winters.

How often you should fertilize depends on what type of plant you’re talking about. For your lawn, we recommend fertilizing twice per year. For mature trees, however, you only need to fertilize once every 2-3 years. Younger trees that are more vulnerable to disease may need fertilizer more often.

There are hundreds of soil fertilizers on the market, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula that works for every yard. It’s best to invest in a soil test, which will reveal exactly which nutrients your soil is lacking. From there, you can work with a professional to determine the best fertilizer for your property.

To avoid accidentally chemically burning your plants, it’s best to work with a qualified expert when applying fertilizer to your landscape. The wrong formula or amount of product could scorch your plants and damage their long-term health.

Residential and Commercial Fertilization Services in Western Maryland

Wondering if your landscape could benefit from professional fertilization services? The experts at Baker Tree Services are here to help. Our ISA-certified team can help with more than just your lawn; we can even examine the heritage trees or new growth on your property, ensuring every plant has what it needs to thrive.

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